Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schaafijs en Wilde Bussen (snow cones and wild busses)

In Surinam (country on the north shore of south american continent) it's been a tradition to have the snow cone cars and the busses painted by artists.
CBK Zuidoost was showing the exhibition SCHAAFIJS & WILDE BUSSEN . The paintings shown are awesome. They resemble the style of handpainted (billboard) ads in NYC in the 70's.

The book, same title as the exhibition, shows an incredible overview of the culture and the artist's individual styles.

I had the honour to meet two of the most prominent artists responsible for all the colorful decorations and advertisements in the streets of Surinam's capital Paramaribo: André Sontosoemarto en Ramon Bruyning.

They are staying as Artists in Residence in Amsterdam and painted two cleaning trucks in Zuidoost, a mural at Kwakoe festival and a bus.

It's an experience to see them work. They are painting machines! I'm happy and grateful to be able to do a bit of collaboration with them during their time here.

André Sontosoemarto and Ramon Bruyning at work

Moonshine theme in progress

Ramon Bruyning.

The exhibition is now showing in Den Haag (Heden, september/october, opening: 11 sept. 16.00h) and will later go to Rotterdam (CBK, november/december).

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