Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Mashville is a collaborative art project initiated by Mister Adam and drJay, who invite people to work with them by exchanging images in order to create a silkscreen print together. Or show some schetches on the MASHVILLE blog.
Check the Mashville project out here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Someone's writing my name

somebody in Praghue....

should choose different music to his videos

And should rock some real Tschechian steel instead of a graffiti- drawing computer program.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I ♥ graffiti (.de)

Homeboys'n girrrlz at bigged up my blog
oh my god now I have to start bloggin for real (?!)

all I can say is: I love graffiti (.de or wherever on this planet) graffiti is the shit.

To a new friendship!

André Sontosoemarto en Ramon Bruyning are artists from Surinam, and both kings in their disciplines, which is painting ads and decorating busses and ice cream karts.
Here some results of their residence in Amsterdam this summer. (photos: André)

Krin Tori: cleaner truck Amsterdam Southeast

decoration for certain Surinam gathering ;)

rainy season

shake that spray can

The moon shine bus

Eindhoven Step In the Arena jam 2010

To a new friendship!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a long way there

It's a long way there, 2010
acrylics on cotton,
120 x 100cm

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Graffiti exhibition at Scryption Tilburg

(Yeah... I know I'm late with this post, guys, the expo already closed...) ANYWAY:

This summer the museum for written text in Tilburg gave a once in a lifetime opportunity to guys like Henk Pijnenburg to expose their beauties once more. Except for the somehow crusty installation (check the numbering of the canvasses) and a hard to read xerox copied catalog, I gotta admit I'm never tired of that collection.

The don da da's

Bill Blast, what ever happened to him?

Everybody loves Seen.

And thanks to I got to do a little myself, too, for the museum's tea room. Cosyyyy!

the underpants men

More info about Scryption here.

For the dutchies: Nog even een gejat stukje over de show:

(en dat die werken nog nooit eerder in Nederland zijn vertoond? Groninger Museum (3x) met als klapper Coming from the Subway 1992.

Expositie Graffiti in Museum Scryption Tilburg

Expositie Graffiti

Museum Scryption Tilburg

Werken van privéverzamelaars niet eerder te zien in Nederland

Internationale graffiti en hiphop in Scryption

Vanaf 13 juni t/m eind augustus 2010

Het Scryption in Tilburg heeft straatkunst in huis gehaald. Deze zomer is hier een expositie van internationale graffiti artiesten te zien. Zondag opent deze expositie met een hiphopact van rapper Fotosynthese, het jongste raptalent van Nederland. Het Scryption werkt met deze expositie nauw samen met de landelijke organisatie Hiphop In Je Smoel (HIJS). Getoond worden foto’s van beschreven treinen, vijftien werken op canvas en een groot aantal stukken grafiek en voorstudies; ruim zestig in totaal. De werken zijn eigendom van privéverzamelaars. De expositie duurt tot en met zondag 29 augustus.

“Het gaat in deze expositie om de Rembrandts van de graffiti. We kregen de kans om dit in Tilburg te laten zien en die hebben we gelukkig kunnen grijpen. We willen alle vormen van schriftelijke communicatie laten zien en deze hoort daar bij. Ik hoorde een van de jongens die de tentoonstelling aan het inrichten zijn zeggen: `Ik zie dit altijd in boekjes en nu hangen ze hier in het echt`,” zegt directeur Jolande Otten van het museum.


De expositie laat werk zien van de in graffiti kringen internationaal bekende artiest Nederlandse Delta en een groot aantal Amerikaanse ‘schrijvers’. Het is voor het eerst dat deze werken in Nederland vertoond worden. A-one, Blade, Blast, Crash, Daze, Dondi, Futura, Koor, Noc, Phaze, Quik, Rammellzee, Seen en Zephyr zijn op de expositie vertegenwoordigd. Van deze artiesten waren onlangs werken te zien in Parijs in de expositie ‘Born in the streets’ van Fondation Cartier.

10 jaar hiphop in Nederland

Het platform Hiphop In Je Smoel (HIJS) is in 1999 opgericht door een groep enthousiaste hiphopliefhebbers met als doel het stimuleren van de (inter)nationale hiphopcultuur. HIJS organiseert gedurende de looptijd van de expositie verschillende activiteiten rond graffiti, hiphop en rap. Ook is de documentaire over 10 jaar Hiphop in Nederland te bekijken die interviews en uniek beeldmateriaal bevat van de meest invloedrijke artiesten van de afgelopen 10 jaar.

Er is ook nog nieuws:

Bling! Idea! Pijnenburg should open his own graff museum, like Dirk Scheringa did for his magic realism collection. Imagine! but please not in Deurne: too far away.

Not old school but Ancient school

Walkin' through the last remains of the concrete jungle I found these gems:

Spirit'84 gone over by Fun greeting Maxy


Not Shoe, but DR. Shoe

Everybody got his own arrow...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Scrambled up!

Sometimes the plan was better than the way it worked out!

"Zuidoost Sunshine" at Bijlmerplein, Amsterdamse Poort
artists: Mick, Azhq en Mr. E.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's going on at that rooftop?

Kraaienest parking garage rooftop - In the centre of the K-zone, yes! the only place in Bijlmer in original state- has been home to a couple of great art manifestations this summer.

Last year it opened as a meeting point for the 1st edition of the Bijlmer sculpture biennale "Straat van 1000 Sculpturen/Open Source".

This summer it offered space for the Fat Form Festival, and for the presentation of the biennale's virtual equivalent: "De Virtuele Straat/ Virtual Street".

Wednesday September 8th the BBQ Miniramp tour will drop by from 15h-20h. Bring your board, BMX or anything that can handle a ramp and come skate and BBQ. Sensiriti Soundsystem will bring the beats = guaranteed dopeness. Further music by local DJ's 'n MC's: Dj Jane Doe, Phantom, Nedra and more.
Click on flyer for bigger version.

FatForm (July 24th 2010) photo's:

The Brazilian artists blessing the hood

View at Kleiburg from the roof

local mc's and friends
Daniela Bershan en Jonas Ohlsson.

Gabriel Lester waving hoodie on dope music

Terrace, beers, wine, bbq.

The Virtual Street launch ( August 1st 2010) live from the Rooftop:

Sara Mattens from, the designers of the virtual street, presents the project.

Mastermind Jeffrey Croese from pushes The Button

Deams (MC and friend) joined in live'n direct from China to introduce the project.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schaafijs en Wilde Bussen (snow cones and wild busses)

In Surinam (country on the north shore of south american continent) it's been a tradition to have the snow cone cars and the busses painted by artists.
CBK Zuidoost was showing the exhibition SCHAAFIJS & WILDE BUSSEN . The paintings shown are awesome. They resemble the style of handpainted (billboard) ads in NYC in the 70's.

The book, same title as the exhibition, shows an incredible overview of the culture and the artist's individual styles.

I had the honour to meet two of the most prominent artists responsible for all the colorful decorations and advertisements in the streets of Surinam's capital Paramaribo: André Sontosoemarto en Ramon Bruyning.

They are staying as Artists in Residence in Amsterdam and painted two cleaning trucks in Zuidoost, a mural at Kwakoe festival and a bus.

It's an experience to see them work. They are painting machines! I'm happy and grateful to be able to do a bit of collaboration with them during their time here.

André Sontosoemarto and Ramon Bruyning at work

Moonshine theme in progress

Ramon Bruyning.

The exhibition is now showing in Den Haag (Heden, september/october, opening: 11 sept. 16.00h) and will later go to Rotterdam (CBK, november/december).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alter Ego - photo exhibition by Melissa Scholten

Thursday August 26th Alter Ego vernissage at the Trouw building, Amsterdam.

100 portraits of graffiti writers in their daily life, photographed in their homes, with their kids, at their jobs or at a location important to them. Graffiti writers who's main playground used to be or still is the city of Amsterdam.

Most portraits reveal the writer's story or personality, without mentioning the name they are known for by the public or in the scene. Spectators will be surprised about the variety of people who write or wrote graffiti: meet punk rockers from the 70's, a thai box champion, the everage dutch father of two, the cook, the famous graphic designer, the beer drinking bar guest, the ajax fan, the bar owner, the CEO chauffeur or the ex junkie.

The show runs until September 5th. The catalog a must have for graffiti book collectors.

Here some photo's of the exhibition's opening night. Too bad the owner of the venue shut the party down very early because of some tagging inside.

Interview on with Melissa Scholten here. (Thumbs!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bread and games for the people

On the 11th and 12th of September there will be over 60 graffiti gladiators from home and abroad in the street-art arena of Europe: the Berenkuil Eindhoven. There they will show their skills. On this first edition of Step In The Arena, hosted by Dynamo Eindhoven , the following gladiators will come out and play:

Belin (Spain), New2 (Australia), ML’S Crew (Italy), Dead (England), Toaster (England), Musa (Spain), Supe (France), Flai (Spain), Bue (Belgium) Riot, Tikky, Odes, Moron, Don, Jake, Mickey, Dr Chess, Zenk One, Mister, Clone, Gek, Sel, Ces, Ox-Alien, Thor, Cosh , Mega, Romeo, Fetish, Rum, Kantweau, Babe, Damn, Duel, Stain, Nice, Druid, Lempke, Hedof, Hertcore, Marc1, Tape, Rocs, Spuk1, Beast, CHUCKone, NEAR! & SEHR (WKC), Dosisone...

Beside the invitees there is room for writers who want to come on their own. This way young artists and established names can jam together in the weekend of 11th and 12th of September.

Location: De Berenkuil / Insulindeplein
Date: 11th / 12th September
Time: from 12.00 to 22.00
Entrance: Free
More info: