Monday, February 22, 2010

Documentary: Zembla - De dood van een rapper. (Vara, January 3, 2010)

Documentary: Zembla - De dood van een rapper.  (Vara, January 3, 2010)

Last month Zembla broadcasted a documentary about the relation between (local) rap music and the gun violence in Amsterdam Southeast.
A young mc was shot at the playground close to my studio in the late summer of 2009. I wrote about it on this blog around the time it happened. The incident left a big impact on the whole community around the K-zone. The local hip hop community was hurt, and won't be the same. This documentary focusses on the incident and in what way the hip hop community reacted.

Most of the art work around the area shown in the documentary is done by me and Azhq between 2006 and 2009.

The documentary is in dutch language.

Friday, February 19, 2010

video: Akon feat. Ali B & Yes-r - Ghetto (remix). Art work in da hood by Micklarock.

Akon feat. Ali B & Yes-r - Ghetto (remix). 2006.

Another video shot in the Kraaienest area.
For those who don't want to watch the whole video: my work is featured at 0:18 and 1:38 in the time schedule.

video: Kiddo Cee - Waar ik Woon. Art work in the hood by Micklarock.

Kiddo Cee - Waar ik woon, 2006.

Rap song about the Bijlmer. Great lyrics.
Art work painted at Kraaienest area.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mick la Rock: "Confessions of a bamboo addict". HellYeah magazine nr. 01, Australia.

"Bamboo earrings, at least two pair... " (LL Cool J - Around the way girl)

HellYeah magazine, issue 01, December 2009

HellYeah online here

Watch out for issue 02, March 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A tour at the Bijlmer Park: work in progress.

A little surprise reached my mailbox the other day: an invitation for a tour around the Bijlmer Park, to see the make over in progress for ourselves.

The Bijlmer Park was built in the early 70's. The soil is swampy and the park started to drench over the decennia. Maintainance was expensive and a big part of the park wildened during the 80's and 90's. Which made it special: I'd never seen such wild nature anywhere else in an urban area. The pheasants, the smell of blossom in spring, the smell of forest after a rainy morning: the bicycle ride from home to the studio was always a pleasure.
For a picnic, BBQ or any other way of chilling, the Bijlmer Park was never the right park. Two prominent reasons. The soil was alway moist, even in summer, so one could not just go sit down in the grass and read a book. Junkies and homeless folks were hanging out and running bussiness all over the place.

When the city department decided to give the park a total make over, it was painful at first: 8500 trees (!) had to make way for the unknown new. I shall never forget the sight of the park after the lumbering. It looked like a war zone. The sawed trees piled up along the Karspeldreef as the war's victims. I remember feeling very depressed about this until I received a flyer with the plans for the new park.  Absolutely stunning!

A family park, with lots of playground for young and old, sports facilities, a tea house, art, nature, facilities for special animal species like ice birds and swallows, ponds with small fish for kids to discover and or catch, and more.  For more information check the Bijlmer Park website here.

Now you understand why I would not miss the opportunity to see the developments in the new park with my own eyes!

I was impressed by what was shown to us. Every detail in the park has a story or an idea behind it. It looks like budget was hardly an issue. If the park turns out the way they planned it, I will definately frequent it often. The new Bijlmer Park is evidence of the hard work of the local politicians and the love they have for this part of Amsterdam.

To my opinion this is the first period in the history of Bijlmer since the mid/late 70's in which the people in Bijlmer can feel themselves taken seriously by the (local) government.
A park like this, the newly built Bijlmerpark Theatre, the new swimming pool, the new residential areas instead of the high rise appartment buidings, Imagine IC, Arena boulevard, the Bijlmer Station, a decent and humane approach to the drug problems, ... too much to mention.

I'm drifting away now from the tour through the park. Here's an impression:

Hans, the man with mad fauna and flora knowledge, explaining us passionately about a 400 year old tree log found in the soil and now a trophy for the park.
The willow island will be one of the few original parts of the park. The freshly painted graffiti in the back will eventually be overgrown by the climbing green little giant.

All along the design watchtower. 

Emile Jaensch (prominent local politician), explaining the cooperation between the city officials and the park designers to create a park this unique.

With the new park, this antique graffiti will disappear... glad I could catch this oldie before it's gone!

Curious yourself? Every 2nd Wednesday of the month you can take this pottenkijkers tour,

Pictures: Petro at the Kind Regards temporary gallery. Amsterdam, February 5, 2010.

Back in 1998 or 1999 I got to meet Petro from London at the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. Petro is an artist who's work took an enormous flight into autonomy over the last decennium and I am a huge fan.

The king was back in Amsterdam for a solo show. The perfect art at a more than perfect spot and it turned out to be a perfect night. We drank our Freddies,  we got drunk, we biked to the city and we partied till the break of dawn.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures: Motel Seven at the Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam. February 6, 2010.

An unconventional show at the Willem Kerseboom's: graffiti- related work instead of modern Chinese Art.

Mr. Kerseboom deserves respect for trying to bring this type of western contemporary art to his audience and clientele. It turned out to be a well visited show in an absolutely gorgious gallery along the pitoresque canal called Leidsegracht.
Most visitors looked like they come from around that way: as we say "Grachtengordel" chique, not the average visitors for a graffiti-related show.  It seemed to me the work exposed did  what art is supposed to do: some of the invitees were obviously excited and a little shocked by seeing MotelSeven's work.

I hope more established galleries will dare to do the same as Willem Kerseboom and open their doors and the doors to the art world for this type of art.

Motel7's Fine art

Motel7's graffiti

 MotelSeven and Mick La Rock

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MotelSeven show in Amsterdam

Straight from South Africa to Amsterdam!
Female graffiti writer and fine artist: MOTEL7!!!
Saturday 6th February at the Willem Kerseboom Gallerie. 
Opening: 16.00h.
Cee you there!

New Video: Kross NaarDe K - Renovatie; art work in the hood by Micklarock's Eyecatcher Arts.

Even in "HOLY" Holendrecht good things happen! 
Artwork by Micklarock, Azhq, Atom, Smash137 and Jake can be found at JC Royal.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All City Writers Book presentation Friday 5th February in Amsterdam

This pile of Books will be presented on Friday 5th February at Carharrt store Amsterdam
It's the All City Writers bible by Andrea Caputo (Italy). The book was released last November in Milano. It's the best book on graffiti after Subway Art and Spraycan Art. 

For more information check here.

I do not understand why Carharrt Amsterdam is not announcing this presentation louder. This book is too ill to get this few attention.
Cee you there!

Opening: 18.30-20.00h.

Petro in Amsterdam: A Show of Paintings and Drawings

Mr. Petro is here. Installing a show. All aware: the show's gonna be dope. I was honoured to have a sneak preview. On Friday 5th February the soil of Amsterdam West will tremble!

Cee you there. 

Petro a Show of Paintings and Drawings from Kind Regards on Vimeo.

Opening: 18.00-01.00h.

Tribute to da Bims!

Part of design for Bijlmer Style.

Creeping in DE hood

I found this appartment painted in orange purple. What a treasure!