Thursday, December 24, 2009

Zombi Squad - "Graffiti"

G-Town's most representing rap group of all times wrote and performed this song in 2005/'06.

Here is the recorded version:

Here is the live performed version:

Thank you,  Zombis: Sherlock, Mad Pat, dj Freeze, Omar, and all new cats, for the mad props in this song. And thank you for all the good times we had back in da days.

More about the Zombi Squad here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book Release: All City Writers, Milano report

November 7th, Milano Italy, an invasion of graffiti artists. Reason: the book release of All City Writers by Andrea Caputo.
The event consisted out of a book presentation, a video exhibition and an afterparty. It was very well visited, many countries were represented in the audience.

The book is a must have! Subtitle: the Graffiti Diaspora.  It's about how the New York style graffiti came to Europe and how it spread itself throughout our continent. It's not a book you'll finish reading in one day! More than 250 artists have contributed with their own unique stories and photos. The book is big and fat.

 Take a look for yourself.

 For more information:

And now an impression of the event.

I was too busy having a good time, I forgot to take more pictures...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CDA's graffiti Black Book

The Christian Democrat political party's devision here in Amsterdam wants to get rid of the city's graffiti problem. (Do we have one?) They are requesting civilians to send in photographs of walls defaced with graffiti to start their own blackbook. Helas not to show it to graff writers, but to convince the city counsil that graffiti is vandalism and needs to be destroyed.
I would like to suggest to Maurice Limmen of CDA Amsterdam, to go have a look around f.i. in Kopenhagen, Berlin or Rome and compare our city's graffiti to the amount over there. Or check photo's of the Amsterdam streets in the 1980's.
 I do not understand why one politician creates so much negative energy for himself and the city over the little amount of graffiti in Amsterdam.

Why not get rid of the big billboards and roof high scaffold advertisements everywhere?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Micklarock contributor to Australia's HellYeah magazine

"Hell Yeah!  is a new, free, quarterly Aussie mag for anyone out there who’s into art,  music, rabble rousing, fashion and everything in between. Unlike other free glossies currently in rotation throughout Australia, Hell Yeah! is uniquely focused towards street culture, an area that’s often talked about but widely uncatered for. Our magazine will feature un-PC, no-holds-barred, raw social commentary; 100% stilleto and anorexic model free; interviews with cats from all over the world and what’s goin’ on in the art, music and design scenes that’s got people in the know talking, thrown in with a good measure of humour, sarcasm and shit-stirring. Basically we’re goin’ to let you in on all the dope shit that’s going on here, there and everywhere. And to enlighten y’all in-between issues, we’ll also be blogging regularly from right here!"

HellYeah magazine's first issue will drop first week of December. It will initially hit Australia since that's its homebase.
Check their blog here

I'll be contributing in issue #1 with an article about my first trips to NYC in the early 90's and the effect that had on my bamboo earring collection.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stage decoration for SoSo Lobi concert

Dj Jane Doe                                   photo: Auke VanderHoek

Stage decoration at a concert thrown for the family of a 19 year old MC who got shot at the playground in front of our studio.. Check it out on film at AT5

Or click here.

SoSo Lobi means "Nothin' but Love" in Sranan Tongo, the language of Surinam.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bijlmer Graffiti 2004-2007

 Photographer and artist G. Oosterhof shows you all kinds of graffiti in the Bijlmer area and adds literature and philosophy to it. 
 Site is in Dutch language.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Book release: ALL CITY WRITERS - A.Caputo, 07/11/2009

7th November 2009: release of an incredible book about the development of NYC graffiti of the 70's/early 80's into the rest of the world.
Interviews/quotes/photos of the writers that really mattered during the upcoming underground graffiti scene of Europe, Australia etc. of the mid 80's to the mid 90's... and more.

see you in Milano!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lastplak en Micklarock for Ateliers Favela

Atelier Favela is a foundation that helps the youth in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. They offer them classes in drawing, painting, product design with vintage materials, crafts, music, stage play, and turning so that they can develop in multiple ways. Through this the kids can get out of the social isolation of the favelas and find their place in society.

During Skatejam 2009 in Delft the Dutch graffiti- collective Lastplak cooperated with Tweedehands (secondhand Lundia) for Ateliers Favela. Micklarock joined them at the spot. Two Lundia cabinets were painted. The cabinets will be exposed on tour at company offices, schools and organisation offices to attract attention to the work Atelier Favela does. Finally the artwork will be sold through Atelier Favela's website. The money will be put into educating materials in Atelier favela's studio in Rio.

If you're interested in exhibiting the cabinets at your office or school, or if you'd like to purchase the art, please contact

PARKPOP The Hague 2009

This summer me and FLady painted at ParkPop a decoration for Bomb The Planet's "I LOVE HIP HOP" event.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


23 shoutouts  in 6 month in my old hood. The last shooting right in front of our studio... me and AZHQ's answer to this...

Stop the violence - real bad boys move in sience

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skatejam Delft

Sunday 20th September I heared my friend and art supply supplier Henk from got into a severe accident. And since I had to paint anyway at Skatejam Delft...

Bass Culture

On July 25th I met with Lilshy, FLady and 3 other ladies to paint at Bass Culture, a mellow dub/reggae/Hip Hop party at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We are a Dutch allround female hip hop crew with a deadly set of skillz.

DJ Marrichino aka Margret West
La Melodia
and others join forces...

check us out at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smoelwerk: 10 years of Dutch Hip Hop. Sat. 19/09/'09

This saturday the hiphop forum Hiphop in je Smoel (aka HIJS) is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They've been planning an event to celebrate this for over a year and it's quite a big thing in the hiphop scene over here. On 19 september they programmed a day with Holland's creme de la creme of hiphop in the WATT. And that day they are also presenting the Smoelwerk book to the public, filled with 10 years of Dutch hiphop history. Featuring MICKLAROCK. Besides al this goodness the Smoelwerk cd is also presented that day. And hey hey hey, here is the preview of that album on the legendary Luisterpaal.

And a preview of the book on the Hip Hop In Je Smoel website: here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zuidoost Sunshine

We love the Bijlmer.

To brighten up the Amsterdamse Poort shopping mall during renovation, we were invited by the city council to create a graffiti artwork on the walls around the construction site.
Something to make the people smile, something multicultural and easy to understand.

That's the kinda job we like!

Monday, September 14, 2009

DEAMS - THE LEGACY EP release 09/09/'09

Good music!

"The Legacy" logo designed by Micklarock

Deams rocks the spot in collab with Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, De La Soul, Jeru The Damaja, Ice-T en DJ Premier!

DJ TLM made a special sneak preview mixtape of the EP. You can download free of charge at

The Legacy EP was released on 09/09/09. Available at the stores and at all big music dowload stations like iTunes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

d'Raw International Drawing Showcase

Current graffiti/contempory art exhibition in Heerlen (NL).

Lots of oldies but goodies from Peijnenburg's collection. Also some stuff from his collection that was new to me. The line up of artists is interesting.

Check the flyer here

Friday, September 11, 2009

808 Bass Party 2008

08/08/'08, Simplon Groningen: A tribute to the Roland 808 Drum computer. The legendary machine that's got that 808 bass.

On the sounds of mid 80's Hip Hop artists like Mantronix and Nucleus, I joined the Lastplak brothers for a painting.

part of the painting.

And the Simplon alley way on the next day.

Street Science Rotterdam July 2009

I was invited to paint during the Street Science Festival in Rotterdam this summer. Great jam, great people. I worked together with Lastplak (Rotterdam), Zebster aka Zeb-roc-ski (Berlin), Redy (Hong Kong), Foxy Lady, Eras aka Loser. There were also some good artists from Brazil doing their beautiful thing.
We painted the backyard of CBK, Hip Hop House and club Watt. The story on that action you can read at Martha Cooper's Blog at 12Ounce Prophet:

I have to give the Street Science staff much props for the organization and accomodation.

Here's an impression of the stuff we did:

Construction site wall in the center of town. On this photo: Ox Alien (Lastplak) and Mickey. For photo's of the whole wall:

CBK's backyard.

Hip Hop House

Underpantsman at the Hip Hop House

Watt the ...?!

Next to this MyBio, a monthly interview session by Hip Hop House Rotterdam, featured interviews with people of 3 generations in each element of Hip Hop. Graffiti was represented by Zebster, me and Risk.