Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book Release: All City Writers, Milano report

November 7th, Milano Italy, an invasion of graffiti artists. Reason: the book release of All City Writers by Andrea Caputo.
The event consisted out of a book presentation, a video exhibition and an afterparty. It was very well visited, many countries were represented in the audience.

The book is a must have! Subtitle: the Graffiti Diaspora.  It's about how the New York style graffiti came to Europe and how it spread itself throughout our continent. It's not a book you'll finish reading in one day! More than 250 artists have contributed with their own unique stories and photos. The book is big and fat.

 Take a look for yourself.

 For more information:

And now an impression of the event.

I was too busy having a good time, I forgot to take more pictures...