Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fundraiser for funeral, burial and grave monument for KASE 2.

As you all know King Kase 2 passed away last week. When he died, there were no arrangements to finance for a funeral, burial and grave monument.

My friend Alan Ket set up a fund raising to help Kase's family take care of all essentials. The fund raising has been very successful thanks to the graffiti community. The funeral and burial have been covered. Now we need to find extra money for a decent grave monument, a tomb stone.

"One armed" Kase was for most of us an inspirator. We all grew up with StyleWars, Subway Art etc. and we all love Kase's part in it.

I'd like to ask everyone to consider a contribution. Please go to this link: King Case 2 funeral and burial fund.
! Note: The goal-ammount has been reached, but this was for the funeral/burial. Anything extra is for the grave monument.

No contribution is too small. Please help us to give the king a grave he derserves!

Thank you.

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