Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book release "Cause we got Style" is releasing the book "Cause we got Style" this month.
The book is about the fashion and poses of the European hip hop kidz we once were....

If you want to see me in my teenage years ;-) order a copy here, or get it somewhere else.

I'm quoting:
" Posing is the art of self-expression. It comprises appearance, fashion, accessories and the art of arranging the body or face in a good pose. Cause we got Style is a collection of European hip hop pose photos from the 80s and early 90s. Information about the new American youth culture was still hard to come by, and young boys and girls in Europe had to work out their own ways. Together with graffiti, breakdance, rapping and djing, clothes and attitude were the means of expression. You had to be innovative and use what was available, add details and make your own accessories in order to stand out and look fresh! Most of the photos in Cause We Got Style! are snapshots taken by kids on their way to a concert, next to a freshly painted graffiti piece, in the street or in a boy's bedroom. The result is as charming as it is revealing. This is a glimpse into a very private photo album, dusted off after years of lying around in a closet. The photos often make us smile. The people are young and on the run for fun. Cause We Got Style! is a historic document. It shows photos of unknown teenagers as well as now well-known artists like Goldie, Mode 2, Can 2 and Bando."

Release Party:

Last but not least: Homegirl Rosy One will throw a huge release party. And if you ever been to her parties at the famous Biel/Bienne Coupole (Swissss), you know they rock!

For info check the flyer:

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